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Algo trading and its working explained

Algo Trading is a process of trading that can be done automatically without any manual intervention. As it sounds, we can also name it as robot trading or auto trading. Most of the time, traders lose money due to their emotions and having a lack of patience. But, Algo trading is the best solution to get rid of such type of unwanted loss and stress caused by the inappropriate way of trading. 

Sal Parveen Rana
2.6 mins read

A Better way of trading in the Stock Market

Trading has become a major part of our lives these days. Some people have completely made it their profession Where some others are doing it in their spare time. It has become one of the good sources to invest your money in and that can be your magnificent future asset. It can be done on your requirements based on some conditions.

Sal Parveen Rana
2 mins read
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