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Algo trading and its working explained

Algo Trading is a process of trading that can be done automatically without any manual intervention. As it sounds, we can also name it as robot trading or auto trading. Most of the time, traders lose money due to their emotions and having a lack of patience. But, Algo trading is the best solution to get rid of such type of unwanted loss and stress caused by the inappropriate way of trading. 

In the Algo trading, firstly we make a strategy which suits our trading behavior. Secondly, we need to test it properly in every timeframe. If it works fine in all conditions, we move further for the strategy development. Lastly, we need to make rules and follow them. The above process is called the strategy cycle as well as the genuine Algo Trading.

This trading is done by some special features which are provided by MCX SURE GAIN. Algo trading is done with real-time market data feed from MT4. In India, there are lots of charting platforms available but, MT4 is best because it is an Online charting Platform. MT4 is being used for generating signals with the help of the custom indicators and the bridge plays the final role in this process to push the signals to the trading terminal. In ALGO trading we will get many options for trading in various markets such as NSE, MCX, and Currency. For the customers' comfort, it is both web, Mobile, and desktop based.

"Now one question arises that why do we get enrolled in the ALGO TRADING Platform?"

Algo trading is a Program function so there are no psychological factors that may have an extreme effect on the trade. The system can’t get impatient as humans can so it provides a free mind for trading. Algo trading does not end up utilizing all your precious time instead it saves back your time. We can perform all the functions of our trade within no time. 

Algo trading does not require any manual intervention by the customer as it is completely auto-based. Traders can just set the desired symbol, Quantity, and Order type(MIS/NRML). Algo trading is a box equipped with all the comfort and all your required services available. It also helps you from slippage. There are proper signals and keys which are essential for all the performance required for the trade. It takes the only fraction of second to function and to perform the trade. 

Algo trading is as useful for the traders as it could be the license for a driver. It is both web-based and desktop-based where all the necessary functions can be seen within the ALGO trading website called  We provide ALGO TRADING in two ways:
2. web-based

The desktop works with the keystrokes whereas the web app works with the brokers API. First of all, we need to create an account in the application. There are two options available in the ALGO terminal website, either choose a strategy or create a symbol that is complete as per the customer’s requirement.

There are different kinds of strategies provided such as SUPERTREND, INTRAMAX, MONEY MACHINE, and EAGLE TRADING which functions on intraday and positional basis accordingly. The desktop app which works with the keystrokes works for some selected brokers such as ODIN DIET, NEST TRADER. Alice blue, Zerodha, master trust, and fyers are the names of some brokers with which web-based app can be accessed through brokers API. There are different options given to choose from to make your trade efficient. Stop loss and targets can also be set in the options provWe at MCX SURE GAIN are there to help you with every single kind of ease and comfort while trading. Algo trading is one of the finest software in which all the strategies are exclusively made to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customer. It doesn’t only work efficiently but also saves time and once all the options are being filled and saved trade will occur. No matter if the power supply is not there or you had to go out somewhere just follow all the rules and regulations properly and you’ll get the results positively. Please feel free to call us, we are just a call away for all your trading related issues.ided before setting for the trade.

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