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Auto Buy & Sell Signal Software for the Stock and Commodity Market

AUTO BUY & SELL SIGNAL is a Unique Software that works with MT4 and the indicator. It provides us the profitable signals to trade. There are different kinds of Indicators are available to generate the signals as per the client's desired trading behavior. Some Traders want to trade Intraday where some others like to trade on a Positional basis. 

Auto BUY & SELL signal makes it easier to trade with highly profitable signals. Sound alert along with pop window notification is exclusively provided by auto-buy & sell signal. The arrows are being shown on the screen to make the trade more efficient and clear.

Auto BUY & SELL Signal makes trading more effectively. Those signals generated through the auto-buy & sell signals are more than 75% accurate. Auto buy & sell signals provide us with various kinds of features as per our needs. Auto buy & signal gives us the platform where we can trade without keeping our emotions on board. In another way, we can say that it helps us to trade emotionless.

It works with coordination of MT4 i.e. METATRADER 4 and indicators. It analyses the past data being generated and gives signals accordingly. In auto-buy & sell signals, we need to wait for the signals to generate. In it, only the signals will appear with sound and pop up alert. We have to follow the signal to perform the trade manually. 

There are different kind of indicators which are being provided in AUTO BUY & SELL SIGNAL. The indicators are of two types:-

  1. Trend following lagging indicators
  2. Price action or breakout based indicators

In trend-following indicators, the trend is being followed by the market. The signals are generated on-trend basis. If the market is up/down it’ll generate signals respectively. The signals being generated in it takes more time than usual. The period of the signals will also increase in it. 

In price-based indicators, the signals are generated on the price movement of the market. It depends upon the price of the market in the indicator for generating signals. It takes less time than usual to generate signals. The period of the signals will also be less in it. 

MCX Sure Gain offers Various unique and exclusive Indicators for the stock and commodity market. Following is the Description of the Strategies provided by us.

  1. SUPER TREND : It is an exclusive most commonly used indicator. In it, we use the ATR PERIOD and MULTIPLIER according to the customer's demand. It comes with sound and pops up an alert. It also has the feature of STOPLOSS & TARGET. The time frame is 15 minutes. With it, we can perform the functions for positional and intraday basis. It is applicable for both markets MCX & NSE. This is only available with MCS SURE GAIN. All the detailed features are being shown on the chart window. The chart window is the graph showing the market values. 

2. EAGLE TRADING SYSTEM:-  It is an exclusive MT4 indicator provided by MCX SURE GAIN. It is based on the price action strategy. It comes with sound & pops up an alert. The time frame for it is 5 minutes. With it, we can only deal with the MCX market. It works only on an intraday basis. It is also provided only by MCX SURE GAIN.

3. MONEY MACHINE:-   It is an exclusive indicator provided by MCX SURE GAIN. It works on some selected symbols like CRUDE OIL, BANK NIFTY, NIFTY. The time frame for its effective functioning is 15 minutes. It works on a positional basis. It works on the signal to signal basis. If it shows a sell signal, then we need to wait for the buy signal to appear. This makes it's functioning more efficient. Till another signal appears, we have to remain in the same position.

4. INTRAMAX:-  It is an exclusive indicator provided by MCX SURE GAIN. It works on an intraday basis. The target & stop loss can be set according to the customer's demand.  It also shows performance & accuracy in its chart. Only one or two signals are being generated in a day. The position gets to square off the same day. There is no need to carry your position for the next day. The signals appear on the same day. The time frame for it is 15 minutes. We can deal in both markets with it i.e. MCX & NSE. The target & stop loss can also be set in points & percentage as per the demand. 

We at MCX SURE GAIN make sure that we provide the best of the software for the customer's ease. Different strategies are being customized-made to meet the requirements of customers. We also provide ALGO TERMINAL based trading which is completely done automatically. Only the inputs are to be filled carefully. The trade will appear & there’s no need for manual intervention. We also provide several facilities for trading.

If there’s anything you want to talk for please call us at the given numbers. You can also mail us on our official website which is We are always there to solve all your queries regarding trading. Please give us a chance to serve you better.  We leave no stones un turned for the customer's sake. 
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